Oh the places I've been...

I've had my travels on my mind recently. Likely because I'm getting ready for another trip next week to Slovenia to see my man (who has been gone for a month already!) and to experience the country during a season other than sweaty summertime. While I dream regularly about all the places I'd like to visit, I have to admit, I've already been to some pretty amazing places in the past few years. And so I thought I'd share some of my favorite travel photos from the past few years because...well, why not?

A rural Bosnian town where some of my in-laws live. I'm always affected by the simplicity of life here.

Gorgeous striped mountains driving through Bosnia on our way to Croatia.

Paris. Always. No explanation needed.

The Soca River in Slovenia. Not to be missed if you're planning a trip through Europe. Though, I will warn you, rafting can be painful. The crystal clear, cold, sweet water is worth it though.

The Slovenian countryside. It's untouched and stunning. Especially during Summer storms.

The Turkish sea and a life-changing Turkish sunset. The perfect honeymoon, especially when accompanied by good food and great wine.




And yet, some of my favorite photos are those taken right in my own back yard. Marin is one of the most beautiful places I've been with so many different elements to experience.


  1. I'm so excited that you get to see Damir next week! You must be elated and looking forward to that so much. That second to last photo is just stunning. What hike is it? I'd love to put it down on my SF area to-do list.

  2. I love that area of California. Actually, I am unbearably in love with everything from Monterey to San Francisco. Every time I've gone it's been a magical experience. That area has this fresh mystique to me. I hope with all heart that I can live in that region someday. In short, I'm envious :)

  3. Very interesting post.

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