Le Danton, Paris.

Last year my family rented an apartment through Haven in Paris and at the very last minute had to change to another apartment because we realized the stairs were a little much for my mom's slight walking disability (leftover from her brain tumor). As luck would have it, we ended up in a magical two bedroom two bathroom apartment right in front of the Odeon metro stop, in the heart of St. Germain, our favorite area.

Just next door to that apartment right on the corner of Boulevard Saint Germain and Carrefour Odeon, sits a typically Parisian brasserie that feels as though it belongs in a movie. The waiters wear long white aprons and black vests and take smoking breaks on the side leaning up against the building wall. Being in such a prime area, it definitely sees it's fair share of tourist traffic, but we've eaten there enough times to notice that there are some serious regulars who go there for their lunch time omelette, or whatever the special of the day is. And that, mes amis, is a sign of a good restaurant.

Regardless, we are in love with the place and we miss it all year long when we're in San Francisco. It is charming, each employee is a character from some wonderful novel, and the woman who runs the place is a force to be reckoned with and she actually remembered us from last year!

But more importantly, the food is straightforward and delicious. We couldn't wait to get back there this year. Our first day, here, in Paris, my dad ordered the roast beef special of the day and I am still dreaming of it. And I cannot name a more delicious poulet roti I've had in a restaurant than the one I ordered two days ago. And my omelette aux onions that I today was light and flavorful. You also can't go wrong with the entrecotte or the bavette steak, sauteed potatoes on the side, a glass of red wine and a bottle of Badoit for the table. End the meal with the most perfect creme caramel and a cafe allonge (elongated coffee - a.k.a. cafe americano). The whole experience won't run up a huge bill and you will have felt as though you've stepped into a film.

Sit back, listen to the waiters humming their favorite French songs and watch Paris pass you by. We like to pay attention to the different fashions and try to guess where each different person is from based upon the way they dress!
1. Le Danton, at night 2. cafe allonge 3. creme caramel (flan) 4. kenza posing with the menu for me 5. i love that you can sit cozy and warm in this sweet space and watch all of the many characters of Paris prance on by.

First of all, thank you Kenza for posing for all of my pictures and then letting me post them :). And secondly, Sorry for not having more pictures of food. I just get too excited every time our meal comes and I forget to take out my camera. Next year, for sure... 

We're headed back tomorrow and I get to see my man in a few days and it will be the first time I'll have seen him since 2010! ha!


  1. Oh my gosh! I had forgotten that you were going to Paris! When you said Odeon stop, I knew exactly where you were! I miss that city!

    I love your pictures, btw!

  2. Your pictures are so pretty, and your sis is adorable!

  3. You re-activtaed your comments! when did that happen?! I undestand why you took them off, certainly, but there have been oh so many times I have wanted to comment and I am so glad they are back! Thank you for the wonderful document of your trip, and safe travels home!

  4. you have comments back?! yahoo!

    i can't believe you haven't seen damir in that long! or wait, have oyu seen him since he left for swimming? i dont even know, either way, glad you get to see him.

    and these pictures are awesome. you're making me desperate to get to paris.

  5. I probably shouldn't read your blog when I get home, because then it makes whatever I plan for dinner sound much less exciting. LOL

  6. @caton ann and bridget - they're back on for now, i thought i'd start the new year off trusting in humanity a bit more, but already i'm starting to regret it! boo.

  7. not that i recieve too many comments positive or negative but it has got to be based on ratio! There is no way the mean spirited comments can be as frequent as the good ones! you and you're blog are fun and inspirational dont let anyone else tell you different:)

  8. flan is my absolute favorite... lovely pictures darling!



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