Sueños de Cataluña

I don't believe I've properly articulated my complete infatuation with all things Spain.

Last summer, I was fortunate enough to visit the region of Cataluña for the first time. My family and I stayed for a 4 or so days in the Costa Brava exploring old historic towns and beautiful quiet beaches, then took a detour for a few days to France to visit family, then we headed back to España and spent the rest of the trip in beautiful Barcelona.

My dear readers, I love everything about this part of Spain. I appreciate the colors, the smells, and the graffiti. I dream about the tapas, especially pimientos de padron and pan con tomate. I can't wait to get back there and enjoy a balmy summer night with a glass of red wine. Spanish guitar makes my knees weak and I am a football fanatic (according to the latest Vanity Fair - we are no longer allowed to say soccer, haha!) - Iker Casillas, Gerard Pique...the list goes on. Spanish festivals are exciting and revolve around food, faith, and seasons. I studied the language for 10 years and I find it to be one of the most beautiful languages I've ever heard. It's romantic and sounds, to me, like a song when spoken. And I think I've written about my appreciation for the siesta concept, before...

For some reason, I have a vision that is suck in my head. I see myself (and Damir) running an olive orchard in the hills of this region of Spain. I see us pressing our own olive oil, marinating olives - when I was little we had ten olive trees on our property and once a year we would harvest, crack, soak, and marinate buckets and buckets of olives and it changed my world. I envision a long wooden table under grape vines where we have nightly family dinners (think: giant pans of paella) in the summer time made with our own vegetables and fruit grown on our property. I want chickens and fresh eggs and I want to be able to drive in to town and feel the energy of the bustling city. I want to be only a train ride away from other amazing, historically important areas of western civilization. And if Damir and I do work out, it would certainly be important to me to be closer to his part of the world and his family. This image in my head is so vivid and feels so tangible to me. I sincerely hope to someday live this dream. Sigh.

But until then, I will simply have to visit as much as I can and try to incorporate aspects of the culture into my life in the Bay Area of California. We will be heading back to Spain (and France and Slovenia) this June and I can already feel the Champagne Bubbles running through my veins...or should I say Cava Bubbles...

{Here are some of my favorite images from our trip last year}

Do you have a place that gives you champagne bubbles?


  1. every time i travel out of the country, i feel the champagne bubbles! i'm in love with amsterdam and brussels. i was fortunate to see that part of europe. i'd like to visit barcelona one day, i love the gaudi art. my aunt lives there. i hope to see a post on your blog one day that you are living this dream!

  2. this is why I love traveling so much , the experiences, memories! ah so amazing.

  3. Beautiful pictures, I hope to one day visit spain. I'm slowly working on my spanish:)

  4. oh my god it all makes me so crazy , just thinking about it all YES!!! Cava bubble love it!!

  5. oh goodness! i want to go so badly! tapas are delicious, but i'm sure they're so much better when you actually get them in spain. i think traveling in general gives me champagne bubbles :).

  6. Great post, lovely words and lovely images. For me, it's the Greek Islands; they get me everytime.

  7. salzburg, florence, amsterdam, home (:

  8. I am surprised to say this, but Seaside, FL gives me champagne bubbles. I have been to beaches in many different parts of the world, and there is just something about this place that is MAGIC!

  9. I just found your blog, and I love the way that you write. I felt exactly the same way when I went to Barcelona. You fall in love the the people, the flavors, the colors, the sights <3 Andros, in Greece, was exactly the same way for me.
    Enjoy your life in California, though too! It's the stuff of dreams for me as I languish away in Toronto ;D
    {please ignore the link attached to this; my new site is: www.mediterraneanmiss.net}

  10. I was fortunate enough to work for Iberia Airlines about 10 years ago (man, time flies! haha, I made a pun ;p), and I got to fly to much of Spain. I have visited Malaga, Madrid, Segovia, Barcelona, just to name a few, but the place that gave me "cava bubbles" was Barcelona -- I could easily see myself living there. Just something about the relaxed way of life and the love of culture ignited something in me. I'm dying to go back, it's been too long!

  11. I think that place would. That fish looks awesome!

  12. i love the way you described this amazing place and especially your dream for the future. it sounds truly graciously wondrous. it seems like everyone these days longs for a little farm of their own and fresh grown food and chickens. i think it's a great sign for the future of our earth, i hope at least!

    as for me...well first of all i want to say i LOVE how you call that feeling "champagne bubbles" and i so identify with that phrase. my place is probably the yucatan peninsula in mexico. particularly tulum, playa del carmen, and chetumal with the surrounding cenotes, bright blue crystal clear waters, jungles, and ruins. it makes my blood run hot and sparkly to remember the feeling there.



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