Mystery Box

 This past Thursday I picked up my mom, we grabbed some coffee and braved the late afternoon traffic of San Francisco. 
We were heading towards a predetermined destination with $25 in cash on hand.
We were told to meet on a street corner in front of a restaurant in a specific area of San Francisco (the location changes every other week).
What were we here to trade cash for?
only the best concept ever...
a large box preselected variety of farm fresh vegetables delivered every other week...
also known as a Mystery Box from Mariquita Farm.
 I was positively giddy with excitement about the whole ordeal and we hurried home to sort, wash and split up our bounty. (we had enough of everything to split it evenly and still feel overwhelmed with the amount of veggies we got for only $25 bucks).

Our box last week included:
green garlic
a beautiful savoy cabbage
broccoli rabe
broccoli di cicco
spring onions
and a beautiful butternut squash

I love this project because these are certainly not things I would usually buy and it forces me to be adventurous with my cooking and to try new things! I also love being able to talk to and laugh with the people who grow the food I eat. I like to know exactly where my food comes from and I love to know that the people who are tending to it are wonderful, happy, caring people (and trust me, the folks at Mariquita Farm are just that)

Currently, even the waitlist for the Thursday night is full (I signed up over 3 months ago and am off the wait list only now!!), however, Julia said to direct you northern Californians to the buying club where special deliveries can be made to your area. (Think bulk quantities of fruits, herbs and vegetables for canning and pickling and freezing). I also highly recommend checking out any CSA's (community supported agriculture) in your area. It is really rewarding to get your food directly from the source and bypass the grocery store all together.

Let me know if any of you have good recipe ideas for butternut squash or fennel or any combination of those ingredients! Thanks so much! (Yesterday I sauteed up the spinach with some of the green garlic and it was soooo good...yummm)


{Image taken by me a few weeks ago at the Marin Farmer's Market}


  1. what a lovely trade! enjoy your goodies!

  2. Wow that would be so much fun, i will have to see if anywhere near me does that sort of thing.

  3. that is the most hilariously awesome thing i've ever heard of!!! i feel like if i were to try something like that in new york, i'd end up with some sort of drug laced vegies. hahaha. i want to try this!

  4. yes yes yes yes yes!
    i have a really good looking recipe!


  5. what a great idea to make you think out of the "box" haha :). love it.

    hope you had a good weekend!

  6. this is such a cool idea!
    i love that you met a secret place!? hah i feel like this should be a food network show! and you should be in the first episode. way to support the locale farmers!

  7. thats so cool, its like a secret club for fresh vegies!

    With fennel i kinda love/am obsessed with it. But I'm weird and just chop it up and eat it raw, all the time! Its so fresh and yummy. I havent tried it cooked. Should probably do that one day. If you find a great recipe please let me know ;)

  8. oh i need to start cooking all of our wonderful , fresh stuff up.. no pressure.........

  9. I'm dying to find an affordable CSA in NYC with little luck. LOVE green garlic with broccoli rabe and HIGHLY recommend SmittenKitchen's broccoli rabe and roasted onions pizza. You won't be disappointed!!!

  10. getting thru the mountain of vegetable we got.. the broccali rabbe was the most wondenderful ever..i stilll have so much left!

  11. I probably don't need to tell you how much I LOOOOVE this :) I signed up for my CSA (altho its not nearly as cool as yours with the secret location wowzers).
    I had to skip this month, because I wasn't going to be home enough. Next month, its on. Has it inspired you to do new recipes? xo



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