My Confession.

My friends.
I have a confession to make.
I have entered into an intense, passionate love affair.
With food.

This fiery obsession in me sparked years ago as a child. I look back and remember being the only child in the Sur la Table cake decorating class, carrying around my full set of icing tips, or experimenting in my parents’ kitchen with cumin and salad dressing. Honestly, I forget sometimes about how much I loved all things food as a child – I even attempted to start a vegetable garden on some really ridiculously hard dirt (and failed miserably).

Truth be told, its no surprise though that this love of food and its culture has evolved within me. I come from a long line of brilliant cooks, and their palates were certainly passed down to my parents. While other kids ate peanut butter and jelly or bologna (I kid you not, to this day I have never tasted bologna) Wonderbread sandwiches in grade school, my sandwiches consisted of sautéed haricot verts with fresh mozzarella and a drizzle of olive oil or roasted lamb and olive tapenade. I have a natural distaste for all things highly processed and I would rather watch food documentaries all day long than anything else.

I love everything about food: the natural history and evolution of certain crops, its different preparations around the world, and especially the culture surrounding it. I live for farmer’s markets and talking to the people who spend their lives doing something as simple and essential as making food. I am constantly in awe of the different combinations of flavors possible, each one unique and perfect.

And mostly, I am thankful for the fact that that which nourishes me also provides me with immense pleasure. What a great concept.

And so, I am embarking on a journey. A journey to learn everything I possibly can about food: the way it grows, the biology of fruits and vegetables, the history of popular dishes across the globe, and anything else I can think of. I plan to get my hands dirty by taking over my parent’s vegetable garden and learning to cultivate my own food and I plan to get my hands sticky by making as many new recipes as I possibly can.

So excited.


  1. I loooove this post. I too have never tasted bologna, but mostly because I was a picky pain as a child. When Matt and I live on our own (and buy a Kitchen Aid stand mixer and all the other good kitchen goodies) I plan to experiment with food as much as I can. I can't wait to hear about your fun!

  2. good for you camilla! pinpointing a passion and exploring it is wonderful! i too was a young one taking cake decorating classes amongst people three times my age. that's right, i've got the giant wilson travel case, tips, bags, and all. ;)

  3. Ooo this sounds like so much fun! I love cooking so much and would love to learn more.

  4. this was so inspiring! How wonderful!

  5. i love that you've never tasted bologna and that you were the only child at sur la table. food is great, especially homemade ones filled with love!

  6. Have you ever watched After Hours with Daniel? It is available on Hulu. I highly suggest it, and it's given me a slight crush on an older man!

  7. you have always been obsessed with food.
    check this out!


  8. in lieu of postcards: i've never heard of the show but i'm checking it out as i write this. what a great show! i love this! thanks for letting me know about it

  9. oh i am so glad to hear you are going to adopt out garden. we have the seeds just waiting for you. the arugala has taken over evrything. it is giant plot of very happy arugala. so please come over soon,,,,,,

  10. and oh yeah i adore figs.........

  11. i also come from a family that always eats well. i once dated a guy who called food "calories". "i'm just getting my calories for the day".

    needless to say, that relationship did NOT last long.

  12. That's a fabulous idea. I think I'll join you! My boyfriend is the real chef, but I like to play sous chef...and baking is my favorite xo

  13. p.s. you're lucky to have Alice Waters in your neighborhood: check out her books and also her work on "The Edible Schoolyard" teaching kids how to grow food and eat healthy at MLK Middle School :)

  14. your cute....but i hate a little secret....

    i was totally the bologna & pbj kid. can we still be friends? i hope so.

    i like good food now though....does that help my case :)?

    hope you're having a lovely week miss camilla!

  15. love it. food is the best :) have you heard of http://www.producetothepeople.org/ ? It sounds like you might find it interesting



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