When I Grow Up -- Madeline.

First of all, let me say how completely excited I am about all your responses to my new When I Grow Up series. Seriously, I was like giddy all night last night -- jumping up and down each time I received another submission! Pretty sure Damir thought I was nutso. Pshhh.

But honestly, I can't wait to post them all! You're all such dreamers!

Today's list comes from Madeline. Another daily read for me :). I love seeing all the pictures of her beautiful pup and totally dig all of her vintage finds. I wish I had her eye at Goodwill. And if you go to her blog -- definitely check out her list on the side of things she fancies and things she does not. cracks me up.

I think you'll love her list as much as I did. (And don't you just want to cover Abbey's furry golden face with lots of kissies?!)

When I Grow Up...

 * I want to get married. In a beautiful dress made mostly of lace, surrounded by my friends and family.
* I want to buy a fixer upper, older, ranch style home and make it my own.
* I want to have a wonderful little girl baby (and maybe a boy, one day, too)
* I want to have at least three dogs (Preferably 2 Golden Retrivers and a Lab.. and maybe a Cocker Spaniel, so like, 3 1/2 dogs?). There's nothing better than the unconditional love pups can give.
* I will have a fantastic job that I love going to every day. (I say will because if I'm getting a Masters then I'm definitely going to have a badass job. HAVE TO.)
* I hope to be financially able to travel around the world. Seeing new places for myself and showing them to my future family as well.
 * I want to own a Volvo station wagon, as well as 1 or 2 old Volvo 240s. They are just so cute!
* I will (hopefully) be a great cook and be able to master the most delicious of recipes.
* I want to see my parents (and potentially help, if needed) retire to their dream home in Ocean City, NJ.
* I want to be incredibly happy, always.

Thanks Maddy!


  1. Ahh! This made me so excited! Thank you love! I can't wait to read the rest of them :)

  2. Woohooo!! Presents for Camilla.. 109 :)

  3. i love that she wants to make sure her parents can retire to their dream home. she sounds like a sweet lady!

  4. oh what a great list. so beautiful. so many things i want. oh, i can't wait to come up with my own. i'm gonnna think on this...

  5. I LOVE THIS! Went to her blog and sure enough, she's rad. Thanks for posting these!



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