Update on my "Me Journey".

After getting all of those nasty thoughts and feelings out of my head the other day, I thought I'd give a little week one mid-week update on what I'm calling my me journey

Usually, I have a meltdown similar to the one I already had while writing all of that stuff, and then I get over it in a day or two and go about my usual excuses / lazy behavior.

But not this time, guys.

This week I have worked out three times already, signed up for yoga classes, attended a yoga class {and almost passed out mid-class}, picked up some necessary items for projects I have wanted to do {and explored this place which is a 4 story heaven}, completed the majority of things on my to do list, got my nails done and got a cute haircut from the best hair dresser in the world, Trish. I've made plans with one of my oldest friends, Ashleigh, to reconnect and go on a photography adventure together. I decided to take a knitting class soon so I can finally learn to knit the right way {instead of trying to teach myself and getting frustrated and pull everything apart every time I drop a stitch}. And I have opened myself up to the possibility of going to graduate school and studying something I maybe never expected to study.

I also found this adorable little chocolate cafe in Rockridge in Oakland. It's called Bittersweet and they serve a spicy hot chocolate that is to die for. I also picked up these two pretty bars of chocolate. And yes, maybe I did buy them because it said "Love Poem Inside" and maybe that made me feel like I was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but can you blame me? It's also conveniently located right across the street from my new yoga studio. =)

So I feel that I am off to a good start.
I invite those of you who are strugging with similar issues to join me!


  1. I just saw on your to do list that you want to buy a Polaroid camera. I was given one over the summer, so we can definitely use it when we go on our photography adventure (all I have to do is find a place that still sells the film for not $10,000).

  2. I want to take Yoga classes very badly, glad you're going through with you what you started... can't wait to hear more about your progress. Remember to keep your head up and stay positive, love! <3

  3. sounds like you're off to a great start! i know post-grad decisions can be so tough, i wish you the best of luck on the whole journey! p.s.-i really love those chocolate bars so cute plus orange chocolate! yum!

  4. Ash - I got a polaroid for christmas actually. should be coming any day now. and I heard there's a place in Berk that sells film for not soooo crazy expensive

    Maddy - thanks for the words of encouragement. and you should totally try the yoga!!

    Anna - the chocolate bars are as delicious as they are cute. yummmm!!



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