Resolution Time. Favorite Part of the Year.

The beginning of the New Year is my favorite.
There's something about making resolutions and goals that just makes me feel like I can do anything if I set my mind to it.
You Know?
Honestly, I started thinking about my resolutions back in November and I've got a pretty long, doable list, I think...I hope.
{every year I write out my resolutions on a nice piece of paper, make it all artsy and cute, and hang it somewhere in my apartment where I can see it everyday}
It also feels good to start 2010 in Paris. Maybe that is a sign of things to come in my life!
{I would very much like to settle somewhere in Europe - Barcelona or Paris are the top of my list}
What are some of your resolutions?
Do you have any New Year's traditions?

xoxo. bisous.
p.s. I had Corsican food tonight for the first time and it was SO delicious.


  1. I have not made any resolutions yet, but I think most of them will involve being more patient, less judgmental and exercising more! New Years in Paris? Fantastic! Can't wait to hear about it :)

  2. Absolutely.

    It's like a clean slate...fresh start. :-) I have to write those goals for 2010 down.

    Enjoy Paris lady!

  3. I'm working on mine right now...

  4. Hajj Camilla, vidim da uživate u Parizu :)
    Lijep provod naprijed svima u Parizu od Dugonjića:)

  5. oh you get to be in Paris through New Years? Have a wonderful time! Loving living vicariously through the photo posts.
    Best wishes for 2010 and your resolutions xoxo

  6. SO glad you're having fun in Paris! Your pictures are beautiful! I haven't even begun to think about my resolutions, but the first thing that came to mind is be more relaxed about life... and maybe eat more vegetables. :)



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