My 7 Things...I love these games!

Micaela, over at Dolce Vita, tagged me in a "Show 7 things in your house that really show who you are" post. I'm never one to let people down {especially new blogging friends} so here is my version!

Here are 7 little things in my house that pretty much describe me...

1.)I obsessively make my bed...I love getting into a made bed. I think it just feels better you know?

2.) This bulletin board has so many really special and important things pinned up on it. I love looking at all the little things and reliving the memories. and I really love bulletin boards...and chalkboards...

3.) My little sister, Kenza, got me this "C" cup from Anthropologie a few years ago and I drink tea out of it almost every morning {and sometimes hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows}. Also, the candle in the background is from anthro and the crystal Christmas tree was handed down to me from my grandfather.

4.) I love Barefoot Contessa cookbooks. I have almost all of them and I have made so many of her recipes. I don't even care how much butter she uses, shes amazing.

5.) Those double doors lead to a huge walk-in closet which is my favorite part of the apartment. Seriously, I could put a bed in there. I like to close the doors, turn on music, and get ready quietly.

6.) This painting is one of my favorite that my mother has ever done. It was inspired by all of the eucalyptus trees we have on our property in Sausalito. My mom isn't too crazy about it but I adore it and it will be in every home I ever live in.

7.) I can't wait to have a fireplace so I can decorate the mantle space above. But of course I do not have one yet in my apartment. So...this is my makeshift mantle above my broken radiator and it makes me very happy.

Okay so that was difficult choosing just 7 things. I have so many little things that are so important to me and that have stories behind them. Of course they pop up in this blog all the time :)
Now...I tag...

Claire from Culinary Goddess
Kimbirdy from Fill Your Well
Katie from Off Switch

Have fun Guys!


  1. Oh fun! I've never done one of these before. I'll try to post it tomorrow night. Love your list! Your mom is such a great artist!

  2. i love every one of these! i even have the same initial mug as you!

  3. I knew i would love your list to pieces!!! THANK-YOU for letting me tag you!

    your style is whimsical and trendy. Your mom's art work is to be coveted- i seriously wish to own a piece of her work someday, it's amazing.

    i wish i was the same about my bed ;) j'adore your inspiration board. everything-- the owl which was indeed a great purchase!-- is beautiful. kinda like you sweet friend.


  4. I love your list! And the bulletin board is beautiful! What a cool way to display all the things that inspire you. Thank you for tagging me in this challenge!

  5. Isn't it funny how fairy lights can just make a room feel so warm and cozy? Also - your Mom's painting is beautiful and I love LOVE love the print on your makeshift mantle. It's awesome, as are you, my blog twin!

  6. yes - barefoot contessa! i would kill for her 'parties' book...
    that painting by your mother is gorgeous!
    great list!



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