MORE Presents in the Mail!!

Today we got a package full of goodies sent to us from Damir's mom in Slovenia!!
Damir's mom is really amazing.
She's the kind of lady who can do everything and anything and always keeps a smile on her face.
And she makes such delicious food always. And she cracks me up even though we don't speak the same language.
I loved spending time with her and learning from her when she came to visit here and when I went there.

clockwise starting from top left: Yummy chewy candies for Damir who is the Candy Man, my favorite tea: apple cinnamon, a little note, 2 Milka chocolate bars (labeled with our names so we know not to eat the wrong one), Italian pocket coffee candies, and Coffee.

it's hard to see but those are our labeled Milka chocolate bars
She sent us all the best stuff! Hvala Fazila! {that means thank you, Fazila}


  1. That's really nice of her! And so cool that Damir is from Slovenia. Is he representing Slovenia at the Europeans? I ask because I lived in Slovenia for a year, in Ljubljana, and it was the best year of my life! Dober dan! x

  2. yeah he is actually! he represented slovenia in the olympics in bejing also! I went to slovenia for the first time this past summer, it was really nice! but i haven't been to Ljubljana though :) thats really cool that you stayed there for a whole year!



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