I think I went a little overboard

I don’t know why but I had an urge to bake cupcakes today. Cupcakes are so lovely, I think. They’re the perfect few bites and they have a great ratio of cake to frosting. They look so so sweet when they’re all bunched together on cake platters. And my mother did buy me really pretty new cake stands…so enough with the justifications…i just went for it. yeah…well…maybe one batch of cupcakes would have been okay but I couldn’t decide on one so I made 3 different kinds + a cheesecake brownies. Now what the heck am I going to do with all of these sweets?!?! Perhaps I can convince some of the Cal swim team to come over and help out.
Regardless of my dilemma, everything turned out beautifully – and it was sooo fun to photograph them. I swear I think my camera takes the best pictures of food. And might I add that the peanut butter frosting on the chocolate cupcakes is my new drug of choice.
coconut batter
chocolate batter
cupcakes and carnations
chocolate cupcakes
chopped chocolate
frosted cupcakes and carnations
frosted cupcakes and carnations 3
peanut butter cupcakes
brownie cheesecake
pretty cupcakes
cupcake fiasco
Recipes can be found here, here annnnd here.

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