Happy Birthday Sister

Dear Kenza,


Here are 15 reasons you make my world a better place:

1.) i begged for you to be born and when you were i was the happiest big sister in the world
2.) wageeewageeeewageee
3.) you actually read this blog, you creeper :)
4.) you’re stunningly beautiful
5.) you’re the strongest person I know – seriously, you persevere through everything
6.) you stole my cheezeits when we were younger and hid them under your bed even though you werent allowed to eat them.
7.) you look damn fine in a speedo swimsuit :)
8.) you are unimaginably talented
9.) you have glorious curly hair and a few freckles on your nose
10.)you share my obsessions with vampires, and surgical residents based in Seattle
11.)even though you’re over 7 years younger than me, you give me wise advice that I value greatly
12.)you tell me to come pick you up in the middle of the school day to go bowling :)
13.)you have EXCELLENT taste – seriously.
14.)you make a mean tomato and mozzarella sandwich (even though sometimes you accidently drop it and run away screaming, haha)
15.)you make my world an infinitely better place, just because you’re in it.

I love you sissy. Happy 15th!

16.) – for good luck next year – you almost sent dad flying through the window when you tried driving :)

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